The sea embraces the Netherlands; her strength and the treasures she leaves on the sand inspire singer and photographer Margreet Ravestein. In 2005 she wrote a Salty Water song, the introsong of the homepage. Double bassist Henk de Ligt accompanied her and made the arrangement. Since Margreet lives in Bergen at Sea, North-Holland, she often swims in the sea and finds salty gifts. Lying in the sand, she takes detailed pictures from the miraculous play of light, wind, sand and water. In the shop, you can enjoy and order the pictures she makes. Inspired by the pictures of Margreet, actor Philippe Malassagne  made funny and touching interpretations in French, which is a unique combination with her work. Here is coming from an Album with DVD called ‘Orktavie’ in May 2017.

Margreet, as a singer, discovered the art and pleasure of improvisation based on a classic background. Guided by singing coach Jonathan Hart-Makwaia, she developes her expressive style of singing. Encouraged by her children Vincent and Rosalie van der Wolf, she begins to write her own songs. With her brother Hans, she releases her multilingual album ‘Si un jour’ in 2007, followed by the filming of a song she wrote about her father, ‘Rien ne m’étonne’, made by film producer Maher Al Sabbagh.

The compositions of the English singer/songwriter Kate Bush are a source of inspiration for Margreet since her youth. In November 2014, she launched her program ‘Woeste Hoogten’, songs from Kate Bush for voice and organ. Margreet here takes on the challenge with the swirling organ and piano playing of organist/pianist Peter Verhoogt. The choice for the implementation of this program in unique churches with pipe organ, give the theatrical aspect of the show its own exposure and live up to the work of Bush.

Margreet previously led an improvisation choir and two children’s singing groups; she’s been giving courses and singing workshops for groups and choirs for quite some time. During a workshop, she challenges you in a humorous way to experience the unique capabilities of your voice. Through sound and chant, she focuses on breath, interaction, motion, play, dare and expression. Her way of working is body directed. The workshops she gives are bespoke with a unique formula. From June 2016, she swill give Sea and Singing Workshops at the Dutch shore.

Bookings and rates are available on request.